Wind. it means the world to us

Two larger rotors

With the introduction of two larger rotors to the 2 MW platform, Vestas unlocks valuable new opportunities for wind parks with medium to ultra-low wind.


Up to 19% increase in swept area

With the introduction of V116-2.0 MW™ and V120-2.0 MW™, Vestas’ 2 MW platform powers five rotor variants, further strengthening performance in medium to ultra-low wind.

Vestas utilises advanced aero foil designs and structural shell blade technology, while components are balanced and fine-tuned with surgical precision.

This means fully certified turbines, designed and built for excellent business case certainty.

+11%swept area

Globally applicable, the V116-2.0 MW™ increases its swept area by 11%*( Compared to V110-2.0 MW®) to achieve AEP improvements of up to 4% (Site dependent; compared to V110-2.0 MW®) to deliver high energy production in medium and low-wind.

+19%swept area

The V120-2.0 MW™ is laser focused on harvesting more energy in stable low-wind, low-turbulence wind conditions. It achieves AEP improvements of up to 7% (Site dependent; compared to V110-2.0 MW®) by increasing its swept area by 19% Compared to V110-2.0 MW®).